Well, today’s the day I have the sonogram for the “kidney stones.” I’m starting to wonder though, if T wasn’t put some place by God because I really DIDN’T need him that night.

Okay, you’re going to think I’m just a loon for that comment. But, really…I’ve continued to have back pain off and on, even in the same place, but it’s been manageable. I’ve found positions to lay in or moved my back (and even popped my neck or what not) to make it feel better. I’m starting to worry that this event will end up like the heart palpitations from back in November 06. I told the doc about them, and got a stress test plus a echocardiogram. (sp?) Nothing seemed to be amiss, because the office never called for me to go in. And now I’m stuck with a bill I have no idea how I will ever take care of (though that’s what the candle biz is for). I’ve been thinking, and I’ll bet this will end up just the same. 😦 I’ve not felt the same kind of back pain I did then, I don’t ever have any pain when I pee, I’m just not even sure anymore if that was even a kidney stone I was dealing with. And I’m perturbed that it’s now nearly 2 weeks since I had the pain. I mean, if there was anything THEN, will there be anything in my kidneys now? Will they be able to tell NOW what was there THEN? Will it matter? And in the end, I’ll be saddled with yet another bill we just can’t pay right now. ARGH!!!!

I hate money.

It doesn’t stretch far enough. And don’t get me STARTED on this “Economic Disbursment” thing the government is doing. I read in the ticker at the bottom of I think CNN one day that the government had to go FURTHER into debt to do it. I was wondering where the money would come from! I mean, really! And what T plans to do with the money—don’t even get me started. It’s complicated, and I understand where he’s coming from and why he wants to do what he wants to do, but still! It’s going to leave me WORSE off than if we had never been promised this money! And it hasn’t arrived yet! As I understand that stupid mailing we got at the beginning of the week last week, we were supposed to GET the check by last Friday (the 20th), not that that’s when they were sending them out. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. Grrr….


Anyhow, back to happy me.

I’m still writing. I wrote some stuff from yesterday’s prompt from Toasted Cheese. And I’m going to be working on today’s shortly. I’m taking a bit of a break.

I’m going to be going over to the lady who’s going to be watching the kids’ house when we go to my sister’s godfather’s wedding on Saturday, so that P can get used to her place. He’s been there before, and he liked it, but I don’t want him to freak too much because they do have a dog. But D’s going to be there.

I’ve got more phone calls to make. I’ve got to look into our Benefits card, and see what I might have to do to get it paying for things again. I think it’s because I didn’t send…oh, wait. I just made that phone call. And now I know T can’t use the excuse “I don’t want to keep paying for it if it’s not going to be used.” Because he’s not paying for it. Ugh.

More ugh, the paper I needed for D’s doctor’s appointment just got handed to me. 😦 I needed it last Friday.

I think that’s about it. I’ve started on the prompt for today, but only a few lines. Hopefully I’ll get more.

We’re going to be going outside very shortly. Now that the “me job” chorus has ended. It’s just so much fun teaching this kid what his jobs actually are, and getting him to get over not doing every single job he wants to do! 😐


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