Wasn’t too eventful. I spent most of it working on the squares for the blanket that I’m making for T’s co-worker. We didn’t even get outside until after 5. I didn’t want to go out earlier in the day because I had no idea if it was going to rain or not. It was threatening, but all the weather around here just missed us. I guess it’s because of our closer proximity to the lakeshore. Not right on it, but within 10 miles. It shows no forecast of rain until Thursday. Bummer. I wanted rain. I do like it.

I didn’t do much writing when I sat down here to do it today. I guess I’ve got to do that FIRST, before the cleaning I want to do that day. Because when I sat down, I had already done some cleaning. I think we’re losing some of the relaxed-tivity of last week. But if I get scared of what I might not get, then I won’t sit down and try to do something, so I definitely won’t get anything then, so I’d better sit down and keep working on writing. Everyone I’ve talked to has really liked what I’ve put out there so far. But I would guess that the only way I can know what official, contest/editor like people like is by putting my neck out there and trying. Right? Right. So I’m going to keep at it. I’ve got one contest I plan on entering, that closes at the end of August. It’s another Flash Fiction.

Well, I’m tired tonight, so I’ll be going now.

Take care 🙂


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