Sunday Sweet Sunday

I don’t have much to talk about today. It was a good day though.

We went to church, of course. Tom slept, the 3 of us went. Then we came home and I finished the first set of squares needed for my current paid project.

Then we left to help my dad move things from the room that was at first my sister’s room to the one that was at first my room in their house, so that that room could now be his computer room. It was actually pretty easy. Most of the buildup of stuff was empty boxes and some old computer stuff. Gees I wish I could convince T to get rid of some of the old computer stuff around here! 😦 Oh well, we will one day!

I ended up taking pictures, but they weren’t with our camera and aren’t mine to post anyhow. But it’s amazing how much space was actually left over when we were done! It sucks, though, because a lot of space was taken up downstairs. Hopefully he can bring them to the dump soon!!!

I also made the Amish friendship bread I got from a mom at MOPS last week. I’ve now got 4 starter bags sitting on my table, and I don’t know who I’m going to be giving them to! I’ve got friends and neighbors, but…and my dad’s not really up to such a complicated cooking process as keeping it going. He’s not home enough.

No writing today. A girl’s got have a day off! But I did get at least one positive response from my co-55 Flash Fiction bloggers! Who aren’t too bad themselves 😉

My favorite piece of writing so far:

She waited her whole life. “This is living.” She closed her eyes.

I posted it on the Toasted Cheese forum. I hope it’s not an autobiography.


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