100 Words – Protection

Today is my first foray into Velvet Verbosity’s weekly 100 Word Challenge. Let’s hope I can keep it up! I love writing, did I ever tell you that? And I love how this one came out in a poem. It’s been AGES since I wrote a good poem. I don’t think I’ve touched them since my second Creative Writing class in college, which was about my Junior year—so it’s been 6 years or more!



Babies of all kinds leave it,
And we all need it from then on.
We were told the words would do it,
The ideals that accompany them.
Laws are supposed to give it,
Police are supposed to supply it—
It’s believed bars will do it—
But really, for who?
And what about those who are
‘On the other side’?
She thought the piece of paper would do it.
He thought the gun would do it.
Hardening our heart is supposed to do it,
But really it keeps everything out,
And supplies none.
Its exact nature is found
Only in love.


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