Today went okay. I did my Feast last night. I’ve actually got one in on time for the first time in a while. And, for the VERY FIRST TIME, I did a 55 Flash Fiction post! Go see!!!

Today was the kid’s doctor’s appointment. It went as well as can be expected. D had 2 shots, she’ll be going back for 2 more when we come back from Colorado (I have to call and make that appointment. Can’t stand it when I do that!). P didn’t really want to perform when it came to his speech, but what he did the doc was happy with. So that’s a good thing.

I’m not too happy about money. Money sucks. I wish there was a way to get more of it. I’m working on that. T’s not to thrilled about money either, because his whole paycheck plus a good portion of what is in his separate checking account went to me, for various things 😐 But I’m working on all of it.

Good thing to report. I got out the Sales Tax filings. Okay, one’s the one I was soooooooooooooo far overdue on, but that’s better than nothing. And the other will be considered “on time”. What’s the worst they can do? We’ve already got lots of money problems hanging over our heads, that’s the whole point of the candle biz!

I managed to start cleaning out the inside of the fridge, finally. 2 shelves down, the inside and bottom shelves, plus the drawers left. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back to them this weekend. We’re supposed to go out to help my dad move the stuff in my sister’s old bedroom (when we all first moved into the house), which dad’s using as the computer room now, into the room that was mine when we first moved in. When the room became my sister’s room, cable eventually got put in, so that’s where dad’s internet hookup is. I’ll work on the house again on Monday. I hope to keep this stamina up!!!

T’s giving P a bath as I type. And D’s at Girl Scouts. This is pretty much the first time I’ve gotten on the computer since about noon, thanks to going to get D for their appointment. But I want to get off here, which is why I sat down to do some things, including writing my concluding blog post. And that Flash Fiction entry was the first thing I wrote when I sat down. I had done some editing on the first and longest of my 2 stories this week (which isn’t finished yet, I’ve not found an ending yet) when P wasn’t being a pain during Sesame Street, so I didn’t actually write. But I looked at that calendar when I sat down, and it just sorta flowed. There was some editing afterwards, and I had to work with it and republish it a few times before I finally decided to leave it alone, but an hour ago it didn’t even exist 🙂 I think that’s so dang cool!!!


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