Happy. Right now. I’m coming off a mini white chocolate high. And a mini giddiness high.

I got the best call this morning. It doesn’t even matter that I was in the middle of writing (I’ve since sorta picked that back up anyhow). It was from one of the pastors at the church. And it’s a GOOD phone call! 😀 I actually got 2, because she had to call me back. I forget exactly why…but still. I had to double check my inventory, which basically meant taking a good hard look at my inventory document here on the computer, so I could give it my full attention. It’s for gifts for the graduates at church (college? high school? Both I’d guess, though it’s about a week before they graduate still—a whole week before school lets out at least), which will be out on a table this Sunday. I’ve got to drop off a small stack of my business cards too. I don’t want to go too overboard and put out catalogs instead, I think the cards will be just enough. I don’t want to be too intrusive! I wish I had been able to put labels with my name and phone number on the votive holders at least. I made sure the candles had those, because I don’t want them to get in inappropriate holders—like put up in a holder so that they’re standing alone and they can melt all over. I’ve had that happen to me before!

Anyhow, so she ordered 15 of them, plus took my 2 air fresheners, and I brought them over within the hour after she called. And the money’s in the bank now. Unfortunately, that will probably go to what I owe in taxes (not much, really), but that’s okay! I’m just so happy I got a sale! 😀 My only problem is, like with chocolate for me, the high wears off quick, and sometimes I end up with a bit of a headache! 😐 But I’m still happy!

In other news…it felt good to wake up to a decent house. The corn from last night is making a quick march thru me, but I’ve eaten good so far today—an apple and an egg, plus some parmesan crisps. 🙂 And now some hot dogs. I suppose that’s not the GREATEST thing to eat, but I don’t feel tired yet. Maybe it’s the high, maybe it’s because I feel so good, maybe it’s just because. I don’t know. I hope it continues. I can’t stand it when I feel like crud 😦 But right now I feel pretty dang good! 🙂 I’ve even got the one story still going, and another one under my belt, from those prompts on Toasted Cheese.


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