Loving writing…

I do enjoy the conversation opened up with my readers. I don’t have many, but that’s just fine because the ones I do have as readers and who comment are great—insightful, interesting, and I’m having interesting conversations with them.

Now, WW, your comment to my earlier post today is interesting. I’m starting to wonder if I don’t have a problem with wheat and yeast at the very least, and also a deeper one than I thought with dairy…not so much corn. It would be said and disturbing if I did. But, what makes me wonder is that I had 2 peanut butter sandwiches this morning, with a glass of milk, and I felt HORRIBLE afterwards. I was all hopeful that I’d be able to get stuff done, then I felt GROUNDED 😦 And not in a good way. The sad thing would be that I love breads, pastas, cheeses, milk, corn, all that stuff. The good thing? I LOVE fruits and vegetables. When I started eating on the Core Plan on Weight Watchers, I felt GOOD. But I haven’t since I let everything slip again. I guess I just have to make the realization and truly understand that I have to stop eating some things to feel better, for my health! 😦 I’m sure you know, that’s got to be a lot harder than it sounds 😦

On to other things about today.

I’m so happy, I managed to write nearly 4 pages today! And this story seems to have some potential! I know there’s more story to this one now!


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