Good day all around

Today’s been a good day. I got up feeling pretty good. Then I did some writing and I had the excitement with the candle order. P was pretty good for most of the day. He’s starting to really understand a lot of things, and becoming a better communicator.

He fell asleep on the couch again today. Tell me this isn’t cute:

P sleeping on daddy

I so wanted to post a comparison, because there are so many pictures of D with her daddy, but our stupid 3 in 1 printer is acting up 😦 Not sure why. 😐

I also found this while looking on the memory card. I thought it was just adorable, my little man who loves to take the camera and play with it—he’s yet to learn how to use it. I do miss our old camera 😐 :

P face

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day. My floor is picked up. We didn’t eat dinner at home (long story, but it was decided that we’d eat out), so I don’t have dinner dishes, but I’m working on the backlog of those. I’m really happy with my writing progress today—I worked more on the story I’ve been working on for 2 days now, and I started another one from today’s prompt. That one really flowed too. It’s a little weird, but I like the way it flowed. Except for the end, because I sorta left it hanging, and I wasn’t totally sure how to end it. But that’s what coming back to it is. Oh, and I gave myself a challenge for it, which I wrote on the top of the first page. I wanted to write a shorter story that the one I’m working on, which right now seems to be going on and on (and which I will probably be editing judiciously at some point, hopefully soon), so I gave myself a 3 page limit. The other story is now 9 pages long! *Mini-groan* But I’m not going to complain too much about that. See, it’s going and going and going because I told the editor in my mind to shut up while I’m writing the first drafts. You know (you don’t have to be a writer to understand this either), the little voice that says that what you just wrote isn’t good enough, that you’ve got to change it now, that says you’ve got to edit, change, refocus, all that LIKE NOW! I’ve been thinking about some stuff with the story while away from the computer, but that’s not the same as the editor running in your head to change things like now. That’s just thinking about the story and, frankly, talking with my mom about it. My mom and my husband are my best co-editors and co-designers. 😀

I’m happy. I’m rejoicing. I AM saying THANK YOU GOD!!!

The blessings for today:

2nd day in a row of P falling asleep somewhere around the house
2 stories written (1 first draft done, 1 first draft still in progress)
1 sale! 😀

Things are good. I know I just have to give it time. But that doesn’t keep me from complaining once in a while when it’s going on. And I talk to God a lot. 😀

I’ve got to go talk to him now. I’ll see you later 🙂


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