Making the most of it?

Well, so far I’ve read some of the next book I have of the author I’ve been reading. I’m waiting to see if I’ll be getting more of her books over There are 2 the library doesn’t have, so I put in a request for them on We’ll see if I get them.

I made a list of things I need to do. So far, nothing really is done, but I have things set up to get them done. I think I gave myself a bit of a headache by having some peanut butter sandwiches. Things are so touchy for me with food, sometimes I just wish I could stop eating all together. Not really possible. I also sat down here and wrote 4 pages. Well, 3+. And I feel like this story is going somewhere. No way to get the writing muscle moving but to use it! So I am. These prompts are really fun. Today’s? “Grandma’s Velvet Painting Collection”. I did a bit of research on it, to see how many velvet paintings there really are out there, because this grandma had a TON (and when I say TON, I think they really could weigh 2000 pounds, she has that many!). It’s just absolutely AMAZING how many different ones are out there. The sky is the limit. There’s even a place you can STILL get custom ones made. Isn’t the internet great?

I slept pretty good last night, such a great thing. It was really chilly in the bedroom, so that helped some. And P went to bed fairly easily last night. And slept all night. He almost had a harder time getting out of bed than I did! 🙂

Well, now I have to go start on that list. So I will holla at ya later!

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  1. I can relate. I have food issues too. I’m 43 and only discovered early this year that wheat, yeast, dairy, soy, corn and potatoes make me sick.
    What a difference in me after I gave it all up and I look 10 years younger.

    And I have also thought, “life would be easier if I just didn’t eat”

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