Wait, there’s more!

Yes, there are things I can’t believe I forgot!

First off, I’m definitely deeply saddened by the passing of Tim Russert. He’s a Buffalo native—which, admittedly, is 50 miles away, but since it’s the closest big, known city, it kinda feels close to home. I was more dismayed than I was when I found out Heath Ledger died. He was such a charismatic, smart, kind man, it’s going to be somewhat empty without him and his incredible wit during this next election. I listened to/watched some of MSNBC’s coverage of Remembering Tim Russert (since he was their D.C. bureau chief), and couldn’t help but mist up. He was an incredible man, kind, and had a deep faith.

Next, other things I’ve been doing with this renewed energy—making 2 banana breads (at the request of my mom—at least one of them was), washing AND folding clothes (some even at the dryer. At least, towels!). Writing things other than just those 2 pages. I retrieved my information for the Toasted Cheese forums (thanks Bellman!), and found out about some other sorts of flash fiction out there, notably 12 word novels (in the vein of Hemmingway’s 6 word novel). Here’s my first idea:

She waited her whole life. “This is living.” She closed her eyes.

If you’ve seen it before, it’s because I put it on twitter. I thought it was cute. And describes me now. How I feel about a lot of things. 😦 Not so much how I feel, but how I feel I’ve associated myself with them, in a way. While I’m not often one for brevity or precision when I write, I do like writing flash fiction and short shorts. 😀 NOT WEARING THEM!!! (I just KNOW someone wants to comment on that!!!)

I’m hoping to go to the beach this evening before coming home. P just recently asked if we could go watch the water. We like to do that from time to time.

Which reminds me, we LOVE to watch thunderstorms. Have I mentioned that? Yesterday we went out to look at a local yard sale after D came home from school and T was up and all, and there were rumbles from down south of here, with clouds obviously moving in. So when we headed back home (with the rumbling growing ominously closer), we all sat out on the porch (with D complaining about one thing or another the whole time ::insert eye roll here::). It was nice to watch, as the clouds moved in and the rain started, then covered the road and driveway and sidewalks, and the lightning struck. I’m not sure how (probably by a good strong windgust mixed with the weakness of it), but a tree on the corner fell while the storm was blowing. We didn’t even notice until a police officer was trying to push it out of the road. It had fallen across the road. He couldn’t move it with his car, and went to the garage on the opposite corner, talked to them, another police officer came by, and they eventually got a rope, with which the second officer pulled the tree part way back across the road (it pivoted at the point it fell from the tree.). Then a passerby (not my hubby )-:) stopped and helped them push it the rest of the way. It was interesting to watch.

Now I’ve got to go feed the 3 of us (D’s off to another Girl Scout outing), and then we’re going to bring one of the banana breads off to my mom and dad 🙂



  1. Who ME? I wouldn’t say anything about short shorts, on a woman, a young woman, a lovely and creative and healthy young woman. Nope. Not me.

    On the other hand – it all depends on just how short the shorts are.

  2. I used to have short shorts, in the day when I didn’t know what body fat was. Oh the day.

    So did you get to the beach?

    And I like a good freaking storm, the louder and nastier the better. Love to feel the force of nature, sort of like me in short shorts.

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