Something on Saturday

Well, it’s actually 2 more weeks until I have something on Saturday, because we’re going to my sister’s godfather’s wedding (she’s not, she has to work that day )-: He was the officiant at her wedding, and everything, one of them, because he’s a Lutheran minister), then the union picnic is that afternoon. I anticipate going to the wedding, then running home to change, the pick up the kids from the lady (the mother of a friend of D’s) who is going to be watching them. I’d much rather be at the picnic than at the wedding reception, anyway, even though my parents are going to be at the wedding (hopefully…I wonder what dad’s going to get mom for her to wear?). I can’t imagine where we’re going to get the money for gas, because we have to drive 30 miles one way to get to the wedding, but we’ll be able to do it, I’m sure.

I’m feeling quite a bit better than I did Thursday night. In fact, I’m feeling quite a bit better than I have in ages. I don’t remember when I felt this good. I’ve been picking at it, but I’ve been doing some cleaning and some clothes, and some dishes, and I even wrote 2 pages. I haven’t written anything in AGES. But, I looked up Toasted Cheese, and checked out what the prompt is on the calendar for today. I sat and thought for a minute, and then something came to me, and off I was in a flurry of typing! I’ll have to also look into Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge (finally, yes Lou :-P), and the 55 Flash Fiction blog I joined WAY back. I’m thinking of working out a shorten piece based on what I came up with today. I’ve just got to figure out what the end of this one is :-S

I didn’t rip T a new one when he came home, or even when he finally called. He said he had asked the guy whose cell phone I had called at least twice to bring him the cell, but he didn’t until after I had already called and said I wasn’t hurting anymore. I understand that where he was working, he couldn’t exactly get away, and I guess there was also no way to call out. 😐 I wish we still had our cell phones. I’m also supposed to get an ultrasound appointment to see if there’s anything else up in there, but I haven’t heard back from the doctor’s office yet. I will definitely call on Monday (if nothing else happens), and see what’s what.

We had internet problems for about 2 or 3 days. The box would start malfunctioning around 11am, then come back online about 6pm. This happened for two days, with the malfunctioning starting during a phone call with my mom on that first day. We walked all the way down to the cable company’s local office the first day, in the heat (with me ending up wanting to strangle my husband and daughter), then I ran down and requested the appointment be reinstated. The worker finally came by, looked at it, found a couple problems, did some work and then came out to tell me all was fixed, and left. And now we have service. No problems since 🙂

I guess that’s about it for now. I really should be getting to making a banana bread before going over to my mom’s this afternoon/evening 🙂


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