Oh what a night…

I’m going to rip my husband a new one when he comes home. I guess not as big a one as if he had come home or called just about a half an hour ago, but…

I went to bed, and started to read a book I had picked up from the library today. This was just after midnight. At about 12:45, 1am, I started having an immense pain in the middle of the right side of back, close to my spine. We went to Subway on the way back from doing some errands in the middle of town, and I thought it might be that meal passing. I tried to…ehem…deal with it in the bathroom, I tried to find a comfortable position when I laid down, I tried some Pepto Bismol, but I guess I found a slightly comfortable position, at least comfortable enough that I slept for about an hour. In the time I was originally up with this pain, for about an hour after it started, I did turn the computer on (that’s how I’m on it now), and look up kidney stones. They run in the family—my dad has had them, and my sister has had a few of her own. My pain corresponded with the descriptions I found—pain in the “flank” region, sharp pain, etc. I don’t know about the blood in the urine (yet) because most of the times I was in there and …well, yeah… I kept the lights off and didn’t check. The last time, though, nothing out of the ordinary.

Like I said, I slept for about an hour, then woke up to still more pain. From then I decided I’d try to get my husband to at least call me, called my mom who said that I should go to the hospital, and then commenced calling T’s work often. I also woke my daughter up, thinking I’d probably have to have them up to go to the hospital with us.

No dang call. I called several times, talked to several different people, left messages, called his friend who I know has his cell phone, nothing. I didn’t hear a WORD back from T.

After a bit, I got into this position at the one end of our couch where I was leaning over the armrest. Somehow, that felt better. After a while, I realized I really did feel better. I got up, walked around a little, and despite how little sleep I have had, felt pretty good. I called my mom back and told her, and decided I’m not going to the hospital now for it, but that I’m going to watch to see what happens in the pot, and call the doctor’s office to let them know what happened if I feel better until they are open.

But T’s going to be in a lot of trouble when he comes home. I won’t rip him a new one like if I had been in pain when he called or came home, but I’m going to let him know how disappointed I’m feeling! Oh, and I called his work to let them know I’m feeling better. But it doesn’t let him off the hook. 😦


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