Figuring it out

Things have been interesting since I last wrote. I’m still feeling lost—though, oddly, not as lost as a year ago. I’ll give a quiet nod to what answered that.

Anyhow, my main focus and concern is P and his sleeping patterns. I have to admit, I may have seriously wrecked things for him for a while. In that I wasn’t consistent on getting him to bed at a certain time. I’m thinking the erratic pattern is not good for him, and that I’ve got to work very hard at getting things back in line. I’ve also got to figure out what exactly is the best time for him. It’s going to take a whole heck of a lot of work, and not a little bit of prayer. If prayers are good for anything at this point, it’s for getting ME calmed down and my own controlling tendencies pushed aside, so I can just relax, and let P fall asleep as he may. One big problem with figuring this out, though, is that a lot of things end up happening so very late at night–at least for P. It seems 7pm, even, can be much to late for him, especially without a nap. But then he ends up staying up later and still being a bit of a handful when I finally get him to bed. I think it’s rather obvious how I can not help but feel bad as a mother with that. My own life feels a bit chaotic, and I don’t want to spread it along to him.

The good thing is that is has gotten cooler out today. We had 2 periods of thunderstorms today, once at about 7:30-8am, and once at about 3 this afternoon. T, P and I went out to watch (D was working on her room. I wish she would learn to speed that up!). It was nice. I like thunderstorms at night much better, especially out in Colorado. I know they have trees out there, it just seems so much easier to see the sky, and a lot of it, out there in the Midwest. I so badly want to live there one day! I can’t wait until we go out in August!

I’m so very tired right now. I think I will go lay down…have a nice day. 🙂



  1. They don’t have to be distant. Even if they are going on right over my head, I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS. I like watching them in Colorado better, because somehow it’s easier to get a 360 view of them. There was a thunderstorm going on the night we landed for our first trip out there, I was half dead and nearly asleep but I remember talking with my sister in law (T’s younger brother’s wife, what a sweet girl!), and watching the thunderstorms out the windows while T’s little brother raced (good heavens, their faith in God must be really strong, the guy drives like a MANIAC! But I love him whether he goes 80 down the kind of roads I’m used to going 65 down or not) us to T’s dad’s house, since they had driven out from Missouri and they had a van, and no kids yet. She was pregnant at the time.

    I seriously always hope the electricity on our street will go out so it’s easier to watch the thunderstorms whenever a really good one comes through 😀 I’d also like to live in the country instead of in town in part because of that. And as long as our house doesn’t burn down, a really close lightning strike makes me laugh and makes me curious and makes me kinda happy. And we’ve had some pretty close ones both here and at our last apartment! 😀

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