I really believe that prayers are answered, one way or another. Sometimes we might get discouraged by the answers, but I do believe if you believe in the power of God and the power of prayer, then they will get answered somehow. Sometimes I have to pray every step of the way of my day.

Like this morning. I looked around my house, saw the state it’s in (it could be better, it could be worse), and assessed how I felt about doing it, and prayed that God please please please help me feel okay enough with this place to take things one step at a time and clean.

It started with clearing off the kitchen table and floor. Pulling the last garbage bag out of the box. Picking things up off the floor. I think I’ve done pretty good with what little I’ve done so far.

Now, you might say that my problem lies not in the prayer and asking, but in my decision to think better about what’s around me. And you could be partly right, sure. But I doubt that’s all of it. Whatever YOUR justification for why this worked out for me, I know it has to do with the prayer. Now quit trying to kill my God Buzz, okay?


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