Current update…

Right now I am…

close to tears, I’ve got a headache, I’m tired, and I don’t know why.

I blame it on the chocolate. No, really, I do. Why, you say? Because I think I’m having serious problems with it, and I’ve had a bit of an overload today, thanks to MOPS and the chocolate chip cookie I found in my bag (of P’s).

I’m also upset that I lost my bag of Amish Friendship Bread Starter that one of the ladies at MOPS gave me, but not the “I should be screaming upset” even though I feel like I’m going to cry. No, it’s more of the perturbed, “where in the heck did it go because I’ve thought of every place it could have been and now I have no idea where it is” kind of upset. At least I know what I’m going to make for dinner. Guess I’d better go get that started. I hope I can get in touch with the mom that brought it, because I’d really like to make some of that bread, not just the bread I’ve made before 🙂

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