Silently pondering….

So, I have actually given myself some quiet time, to myself, at night. I got P to bed before 10, and then I had to set out to make the cookies for the desert for the MOPS Moppet luncheon tomorrow. I’m not the only one making desert, but this is what I signed up for. I made cookies—the Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake ones that are so popular in my family. They’re so easy to make, too, it’s a shame my dad doesn’t ask me to make them more often (I found a box of GASP!!!! store bought ones at his house this weekend. From WALMART. )=).

Anyhow, when I was making them, somehow I got to thinking. I don’t know what triggered the thought process, but I started thinking about numbers. And how you can never get to the end of them. Like, if you’re sitting there writing numbers out, they’re infinite—you can’t just stop and say “okay, there’s no numbers after that one.” You just can’t. If you’re writing them out, with the way digits are (somehow it started out by thinking about digits, but I STILL can’t remember what started the thought process), you can always keep adding more digits to the end. Like, you start with 0, which is really just a placeholder, but then you have 1. And when you get to 9, well, you start with numbers composed of 2 digits…I mean, do I really have to explain how numbers work? No? I didn’t think so.

But, my next thought was, if you can grasp the idea of infinity—the numbers really just keep on coming, no matter where you stop—then the people who can grasp the concept of infinity should have no problem at all grasping the concept of God. Since He’s an infinite being…

We humans are finite. We have a starting place on this earth, our conception (Yeah, I’m one of those, because to me a child I make begins when T and I do the deed, not some point during the gestation), and we have an ending point, our death. But there is something beyond that—that thing which makes us who we are—the person who gains joy and feels closer to God when crocheting, for me, and being with my family, and just standing for 2 seconds in T’s arms—that person isn’t just the person who resides in this body, that person will go on, in a different form, after this vessel dies. And there has to be something that super-cedes even that.

Back to God being infinite—you can’t say he starts here, and ends there. That’s like saying that just because you can’t see the end of numbers—that you can’t stop adding digits to the end and counting up—that NUMBERS don’t exist. In my mind, God is just as there and in your face as numbers. Only a fool would deny the existence of numbers. Could you imagine what would happen to someone who did? THEY’D be thrown in the looney bin!

It also explains the idea and the passage that he’s the Alpha and the Omega—the start and the end. Because he’s there are the beginning of the number set (which, by the way, don’t start at one. The beginning is an infinite, undefinable place as well, way back there long after the decimal point), and he’s there at the end. There’s no way to measure either—God or the beginning or the end of Numbers—as it’s impossible to see the beginning (or end) of either. He’s a circle. Only without the need for Pi.

Now, I’ve got to get going, before MY brain hurts. And I really am amazingly able to grasp this. I think that’s why I’m so excited to be thinking about this—my brain’s REALLY working for the first time in a while!!! :-S

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