Mondays can be nice.

Today’s not too bad. I could be upset because P wants to keep going outside, but I guess that’s just the nature of the beast (the beast being a 3 year old next Monday), so I’m not going to complain too much, despite the possibility of getting a nice sunburn or not being able to do any housework (but then why am I sitting here now?).

At least I’ve finished sorting through and folding all the clothes I had to do. I did that earlier. And I started a sock. “Rolled over” D’s load of laundry. Picked up garbage and such in the kitchen. I’m working up to mopping in there. I am at once feeling really positive and possible about cleaning this place, and dreading the act, plus thinking it’s going to be very difficult.

Oh happy news. My little guy decided today’s the day he’s taking a nap on the floor. It’s so cute…we were going to go back outside after a bit, since his sister’s now home, but I guess he laid down on the floor in there (the living room), she asked him if he wanted to take a nap, he said uh huh, she said something else, and by the time she came back from getting an ice pop and a banana, he was out! 🙂 He’s so cute. I wish I had a camera that worked.

Something not so happy. A fellow blog hopper came thru some weeks ago, and I’ve been following her site since. I even commented a few times. Something really wonderful happened to her and her family, thanks in part to her communicating openly to God in prayer. I was overjoyed to see something she had asked for so earnestly was answered. I was nearly to tears. But, sadly, I think she tires of my comments. Was I too positive? Too happy? Too energetic in my responses? I don’t know. I guess you just can’t please some people. I seem to have a problem lately with people. Not sure what it is. I really do put all my heart into relationships, and always try to be positive, even after everything with my ex best friend. But some people just don’t appreciate it, or maybe I’m just too much for them. Who knows? I still pray and hope for the best for these people. I think turning a praising and selfless heart to God will help us both, dontcha think?

So why did I think Mondays could be so nice? Now I don’t know 😦

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