Sunday, sweet Sunday…

It occurs to me from week to week (though not every week anymore), that I no longer have the Penny Saver route, and what a freedom that is. So, today was spent at church, going to service then the classes they are having, and then sorta dallying around after before heading off to my mom’s, where my friend and her husband, who were up for the weekend, met us, then off to my dad’s to take down the storm windows in their 2nd floor windows, then off to WalMart to get some cold cuts because it’s been a while since we had any around the house, and T had bought some bread when he went to get gas while I was in the class at church, then home where T stayed in the car sleeping and the girls and I came inside because we had picked up D’s friend, so she can go to youth group. T slept until halfway into the time for youth group. I also teased D a bit because she’s got a small thing for this one guy at church—the pastors’ son, to be exact. I think I’ll just rest in the fact that this is just a momentary thing, it’s not like if they do date, they’re going to get married, since that’s at least 6 years away, so I won’t have to worry about that bit of embarrassing possibilities. First crushes, though, huh? She’s not really had a crush on anyone since this one boy in her daycare, at least that I know of, so…

I’m so tired again. I have to wonder if it’s reactions to foods (processed) or sugars, or lack of drinking water, since drinking water always seems to perk me up. I’ve even gone to bed at a decent hour the last few nights without even really trying because I went to bed when I put P to bed. Food still seems to be a problem. I’ve also got to get my bum out and moving. There’s hope for tomorrow…


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  1. It’s funny how one manages to fill all of the sudden ‘free time’ when it becomes available. If you’re constantly tired, perhaps it might be worthwhile to go to the doctor just to get things checked out. And drink lots of water.

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