Friday finally

You know, Fridays have always been my favorite day. I think it was because the day I was born was a Friday, which makes me a Friday’s child. I’ve always kept that nursery rhyme in mind when I think of what day I was born because I had a pendant once that had that for Friday on it. My cousin gave it to me when I was small, and I used to wear that necklace a lot. There was another charm on it, but I don’t recall what it was right now. I can remember even now where I lost it. It was almost as earth shattering as learning that, by running in through the dryer (and probably the washer too—it when through both, but I don’t know what effect each individual trip had), my grandma’s watch slowed and is currently on about 10:40. I think my cousin would take it much harder than my mom did about the watch—because now it’s not replaceable! That’s always made me sad. It’s been nearly 20 years. I often wonder if anyone ever found it and what it was paired with. Why do I always get the chains with holes in them?

This is actually the first time all day I’ve been in a good mood. Who knew all it would take was a conversation about the oddities and absurdities in life? I don’t know, I guess just knowing I’m not alone out there makes things better.

It’s kinda sad. I’ve decided I’m going to quit going to Weight Watchers. The deed is done—all I had to do was click a few things on the website. I just can’t see paying that much right now for going in and getting weighted and leaving, when I’m gaining. I hope to come back one day, but just not right now. I won’t ever go the surgical route—that’s just not for me!

It always seems so hard, eating and not eating and losing weight. I’ve got books I’m going to read that I’m hoping will help me get through this. And praying. A whole lot of praying. I understand that doesn’t mean I can just eat all I want. It doesn’t mean I can keep sitting on my bum all the time. But it doesn’t mean I’m going to waste my money anymore. Because sadly that’s what I’ve been doing 😦 I just hope this does mean that I won’t get billed for June! 😦 That would really suck—but then I’d just send the Pass back. Oh well. I’ve got to start a list of things that make me feel horrible to understand what might be wrong with me. There are several things, many sugary based, some carb based, that just make me nauseous when I get done eating them. And sugary substitutes? Splenda gives me the BIGGEST headache!!! 😦

Well, I’ve got things to attend to, take care!

I hope Blog Hoppers are coming in!! 😦 Missed you all!!!


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