My birthday so far…

It started by getting baptized by a nearly 3 year old, with puke. From then on, about every 2 hours, we’d both wake up (often me just before him, which leads further to my thought that this might be connected to his cough), and he’s have a bit more. We’ve been officially up since about 7, he took a nap on me (came in and sat on my lap to fall asleep) about 8—for an hour, we both slept on the couch. He’s still fairly well himself. It’s just after 10, and I don’t think he’s thrown anything up for about 1/2 an hour. I’m just giving him water now, and if he can keep that down then I will move up to cranberry juice. My mom suggested I give him some salt somehow, and since his water bottle is sitting here next to me, I think I’ll go and add a bit to it when I get up from here. I’m letting him go out and sit on the porch, I’m not going to let him run around and do much of anything for a while yet, at least until I know he’s fairly himself again. He’s still been playing a bit, but he does seems just a touch sluggish. Understandable considering how much sleep he really got last night, and how he must feel.

I’ve not yet decided what I’ll do with the birthday money from my parents. New shoes for walking are most likely still. I’m hoping my grandparents sent my birthday money by mail and aren’t going to come up to visit dad and give him my card…I’d like to do some grocery shopping TONIGHT. I’ve got to bring mom’s clothes back to her after they are dry, and I’d like to go then. But we’ll see. Supposedly T’s grandma sent him a card, but we have yet to see it. I don’t think she has learned our new address yet, which is weird because we’ve been here for 6 years next month and I know I’ve sent her stuff with it.

No dishes yet, but I’ve got them soaking!

Okay, until later, take care!



  1. Happy Birthday. I am SO SORRY – it completely slipped my mind that you had moved and I’ve been watching your old one for updates and nothing’s been happening. Doh! As for not following you on Twitter – I’m not smart enough – apparently, to find you. But I’ll keep looking.

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