Tuesday before my birthday

Tomorrow’s my birthday. Have I mentioned that yet?

Anyhow, so what am I doing the day before my birthday? Well, so far I’ve put more loads of laundry in the washer and dryer, and I’m working on assembling the sweater’s I’ve made pieces for. Also, we’ve had breakfast (peanut butter and jelly, woo hoo the breakfast of champions :-\), and a load of dishes is waiting for me. I completed the one I had in the sink before I went to bed last night.

I took a break to do a bit of running around the house—a diaper, folded some clothes, looked at the sink of dishes. That will be what I do next time I get up.

This evening we will be celebrating my birthday with my parents. They will provide the cake and ice cream. I will be getting the Carrot Cheesecake I asked T for, I just don’t know when. He’s already bought the carrots for it, so I know he’s thinking about it. I’m having him use the Carrot Cake recipe from the Weight Watchers site, which was the cake I made myself last year. He’s got cream cheese galore in the fridge, so I hope he doesn’t go and buy more like the last time he made a cheesecake (for the WNY_C get together 2 weekends ago), I just like the idea of a Carrot Cake Cheesecake, as it will have the same mix as a regular Carrot Cake. I guess a cream cheese frosting is normal for a Carrot Cake 🙂 I had to double the frosting recipe last year, as the layer the single recipe made just wasn’t thick enough!

I’ve been thinking about what I will be doing with my birthday money. With the money from my mom and dad, I think I might be getting myself some new shoes, as I need them for all the walking we do. With the money from my grandparents—I’m not totally sure. I could get shoes for the kids, or wait until we got money for them, or I could get groceries. As all we have is some chicken and, I think, some salmon, I’m thinking groceries. Their birthdays are next month, so I could wait until then.

I don’t know what else you might be interested in. I’m still a bit tired, so I’ll go now. At least I have the energy to get up and clean, eh?


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