Monday evening…

I’m sooooooooo tired. I guess that walk’s doing what it’s supposed to do to me! I’ll be going back to bed here in a minute—I fell asleep for a while after putting P to bed, but had to drag myself out of bed so I could freshen up and feel normal again. I’ve been meaning to take a shower since we got back from the walk, but just couldn’t tear myself away from Evan Almighty. Cute film. We watched it on HBO On Demand.

Much too tired….

I did manage to make some dinner—but then all I did was throw some water on to boil. And I drove D’s friend back home. She was supposed to stay overnight, I wanted her to stay over night, she wanted to stay overnight—but the mom called and said for her to come home. This is the same girl whose mom has brain cancer, and I want to make this a safe haven for her. When the mom got on the phone to say she wanted her kid home, I just didn’t even argue with her. I could have explained that it was sanctioned. I could have explained that I want this to be a safe haven. I could have explained that I wanted to give her a break. But I won’t discuss things or argue with people who I know are on medications. Especially the strength of the medications I know she has to be on. Because strong meds to weird things to people’s brains. And I just can’t handle people like that. I learned that with mom.

I did pretty good today with cleaning. It looks like a totally different place. I like that. The first thing I tackled was collecting up all of the clothes—the stuff in the living room, which was D’s from her picking up her room this last weekend, and then everything around the house that needs done, then a break, then garbage and dishes, at least collecting them. I’ve done 3 sink fulls, I should do another because it’s been soaking since before we left for our walk, I think.

I suppose the sooner I get in there and do it the sooner I’ll get to bed, huh?


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