Saturday’s Saturated….

With birthday cakes and celebrations. The first was a bit of a surprised that we’d go to, the next will be the dinner my parents are having (at the Home where mom is, made by dad) for me and T.

An explanation of the first…

There’s this kid in the trailer park who I’ve had problems off and on with (an example would be here), and who my daughter has had troubles on and off with. He’s a month older than her, but because of various learning problems, is now a year behind her. He manipulates others into thinking he’s dumb, but there are a lot of things he’s really smart about. Not book smarts so much as street smarts and people smart. And a smart-alec. So, anyhow…it also happens that the mom’s a Home Health care Aide at the Home mom’s at. She kept inviting D to the birthday party every time she saw me or D, including this morning when we were at WalMart picking up the applesauce for the cake (hey, it’s healthier than the stupid oil that T still insisted on putting a bit of in—at least it was olive oil. I think…). After that, I couldn’t ignore it, then I couldn’t ignore it because D kept bugging. 😐 So we came home and T crashed on the couch after doing the cakes. I had wanted to walk, but we were already an hour past when it was supposed to start, so D insisted we drive over (it was at a park not far from here, practically on my old Penny Saver route). It wasn’t TOO bad. I’m miserable now because, frankly, I got my period, so everything makes me miserable. I guess it’s only fitting that I’m wearing black today (which is actually a decision I made AFTER I found out). I’m going to grab my black dress that I don’t think I’ve worn since P’s birthday last year (the first time I got my period since having him, and also the day of my dad’s aunt’s funeral. Well, the most recent aunt to die—we’ve got several on his side.). It’s one of those t-shirt material dresses, so don’t get excited.

Yes, I’ve given in and decided to twitter. So twitter twitter twitter. Now I have to go get ready to go and make sure T’s up.

Take care. Now to worry about the cake…

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