32 Years ago today…

A young couple brought their second son into this world.

That boy went on to become….

My hubby 😀

Today he turns 32. I do so next Wednesday. So far, we’ve celebrated it by….

Something very personal 😉
Getting his license renewed
Making sure funding for the car warranty is in the bank it needs to be
Getting the oil changed on the car (FINALLY! It had begun to yell at us!)
Driving my dad home from his eye appointment (because of the effects of the eye test because of his diabetes)

Now he’s preparing to make steaks, and talking to his dad on the phone 🙂 He’ll get a cake tomorrow, when we go over to my mom’s for dinner dad’s making for all of us. 🙂 I’ve got the stuff for that (though I could use some vegetable oil, eek!), just gotta make it.


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