Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my day today
It’s going to be a bit boring, but I have to find light where I can find it. 😐

1. I got up at about 8 am.

2. I got me and P SOMETHING to eat.

3. I put in a load of laundry.

4. I watched a show I had recorded (but didn't erase it because T has to see it---I was just bored with everything else on tv), then let P watch Sesame Street, or what was left in the 10am hour.

5. He's watching yet another episode, this time on Kids On Demand.

6. That don't count the fact that I folded some of T's uniforms, putting them in their respective baskets, and hung up the jackets I washed the other day.

7. I finished off yet another piece of sweater---the pattern has 2 pieces, a front and back, both exactly the same, and so now I have 3 pieces waiting, to be joined in 2 sweaters. I started the 4th, second part of sweater 2.

8. I've decided that my self-striping yarn is in fact going to be my favorite baby blanket pattern. This pattern (sorry about the poor lighting):

My Favorite Baby Afghan Pattern

9. I got the mail. The new copy of the pattern book (which holds the aforementioned baby blanket pattern) that I thought I had lost but found out had actually fallen into the box of P's blocks, arrived today. As well as the car bill, a statement of the charges for my follow up to my follow up at the doc's office, and a letter from my pen pal in Australia.

10. I finished the letter to my pen pal up past Buffalo, as well as one to my pen pal in California. I also printed out the wrappers for 2 books requested from me through PaperBackSwap.

11. I've supervised several visits to the potty chair by P. Most were successful, though we also had one accident (which meant the big boy undies I had let him put on were soaked, removed, and replaced by Pull Ups), and the removal of some poopie. He's getting it though. He's got the message that he's got to go in the bathroom and use his potty chair when his pee pee says it's time, it may take a while for the butt to give him the same instructions. I think he knows before it happens, he just hasn't learned that with that he has to RUN.

12. As soon as T finally gets up (which I will have to make sure happens here as soon as I'm done), I plan on walking down to the post office to send off said books and letters, plus the RSVP to my sister's godfather's wedding. I'd like to go to both the wedding and the reception, but that's very unlikely. I've pretty much already got child care lined up for it---I wasn't going to send the RSVP unless I did. The two kids will be going to D's friend's house, because her mom takes care of kids and I asked her at D's concert last night. She was the first one I thought of as a possibility (I don't know who else I would have asked to take on that burden), but I didn't take the time to ask until last night---but I wanted to do it before a month before the wedding, and since it's on June 28th, my birthday was really the latest I'd be able to ask. For me anyhow. Amendment: T's up, just gotta get the boy ready to go. Pants, socks, shoes, a jacket. :-| I don't think I'm walking down to the post office though.

13. Every time I walk through the kitchen I'm sad. I have to get a new drain plug, I think, to be able to do dishes, if only they made one I didn't have to stick down into the drain that was effective and didn't get stuck!

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