I’ve got….

So much to do…but I’m hardly doing anything.

Okay, I can’t really say that. I’ve done a lot in the past week since I wrote here. Just a minute pause here—in one more week, I’ll be 32. Just sayin’

Anyhow, so…I slacked off with the housework. Just gotta admit where things went. But that’s one of the things I have to do (that I’m hardly doing). I have no idea how WW went this week…I didn’t go yesterday. I had a huge headache. I’m hoping to go to another meeting tonight. I can go to any one anywhere, just as long as I do it in the week.

My weekend went well. My crochet group had a meeting. That went well–we didn’t have one of our newest members there (life mix up, to put it simply), but we did have another of the Southern Tier ladies (me being one, her being the other). She and I discussed my giving her some items to sell at a craft bazaar her town has every Saturday. I might just do it. We showed off our projects, my project being the afghan for T’s co-worker. We had a cheesecake, this time it was a plain one. I brought strawberry and chocolate syrup, plus a can of cherry pie filling. The other lady from the ST brought some rhubarb sauce. It was pretty good, the cheesecake was nice and creamy. And we didn’t get a picture. But I’ve got pictures of other things to share from that trip. Like my crack—we stopped at AC Moore’s and JoAnn Fabrics. At JF, I bought 4 skeins of a yarn marked down, which will go for a baby blanket (haven’t decided on the pattern yet, but I’ll probably do one of my favorites), the first set of self striping yarn I’ve gotten:

Baby blanket crack

At AC Moore’s I bought 2 skeins cotton yarn, to make more Idiot Dishcloths (my favorite “small project” pattern) one of which I’ve already started using:

Cotton Yarn Crack

Like I said, I brought along the baby blanket I was working on. It turned out beautifully. I washed and dried it, and sent it along with T to work last night—only the customer wasn’t at work :-\ Oh well, it’s still beautiful, isn’t it?:

Niko\'s blanket

I haven’t done any walking in the last week and a half. We’ve got to. It’s raining today, but I’d guess that’s no excuse. I’ve done a few things around the house, including some of the dishes, but they aren’t complete. I’ll work on all the housework tonight, I’m working hard on a set of sweaters in the pattern used for donations at church.

Speaking of church, the classes for becoming a member (potentially) at church started on Sunday. It went interestingly. I mentioned my candle biz as part of it, because since I decided to let go and let God several things have fallen into my lap. I’ve got to pull on those ends. One of which being making up a button for people and myself to advertise. I forgot to give people my card, but that’s okay because I’ll be back in the class, and before the class starts. We’re not having another class until the Sunday after next because it’s possible (I guess there’s no more classes after—there’s other classes they offer, on prayer, bible study, other things), and because it is after all Memorial Day weekend this weekend. One of the participants is going on vacation. It’s the first time I’ve really detailed what my faith story is. I don’t know that I’ll discuss it again—though I could dedicate a whole post here to it. I don’t know 🙂

Yesterday was a pretty big day. I went through the area that T keeps his tools, etc in. It was a lot of shuffling of stuff between boxes, and a tossing a few things, but it looks a lot more orderly. I’ve got a pile of winter jackets to wash (more things added to Mt. Washmore, then the jackets will be hung in the washroom closet.), but it looks really good there now. There’s not much more organizing to do…now there’s just a lot of boxes, the tires, and all of the juices, etc, T bought at a local beverage company’s box sale on Saturday. I’d like those to go in the washroom, in the same closet that the coats are being hung in. I’ve got a space I can fill, I just have to take something out first—an empty box that I never really liked, and that’s just taking up space.

Also, such a big day for my little boy—he peed in the potty for the first time all by himself! He hasn’t really done it the same since—there have been a couple times when he went in, after being asked if he needs to go, but nothing like this. This time he went in, pulled down his own pants, and went pee! He was so happy about it, and showed it to me. The potty chair is one of those with the bucket that you take out to dispose of the waste. I commenced to call my mom and then my dad and sister. They were happy to hear it. I thought often while talking to them—whether or not my brother in law and/or his wife were ever this excited or called her parents (or his parents) when their kids were potty trained (and while they oldest is at least a year older than P, if he’s even potty trained?). I’m sure I was just as happy and excited and bragged as much with D.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ve got a PODA post to make back on Blogger. And more knitting I’d like to do before I complete that list.


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