Wordy Wednesday

Just haven’t felt like posting a picture lately. Not that many have really been taken.

Guess what arrived today? You guessed it, my Fast Start Pack. It really was just like Christmas morning. Complete with letdown once everything was gone through and unpacked. T, P and I went through a bunch of the scent samples. It comes with a big black bag with 95 scent samples in it. They have little containers that you put the scent samples in. I may not be correct, but the Melts might just be perfect for putting in them. I wouldn’t know—I got 2 packs of the Melts, but I didn’t open them. T took the bag, which I have also put the catalogs and lotion sample packs in (complete with labels :-D), to work with him. I have yet to burn a ‘Bun, but I’d like to finish the jar candle I’ve got out first. Which means I really should light it a bit more often, huh? And I should paper the jars and boxes with labels too, huh?

Otherwise, I’ve been working on the first of several afghans one of T’s coworkers ordered. This one is a bit tricky, but I’ve got it all worked out on how it will look. I’m basing it on a cross-stitch alphabet I’ve got in one of my cross-stitch pattern books—well, the letters are the alphabet, the numbers I rigged from 3 of the letters. I’m not quite half way through the numbers yet, but I really think I can get it done quickly. In fact, I said I was going to be in working on it after I got P to bed. He’s in bed, as is D, so I guess I should go work on it for a bit. Oh, T took a print out of what it’s supposed to look like, so the lady who ordered it can see. She must have thought the price a bit too low—I had said to T that the common practice is to do twice the cost of materials. I bought 5 skeins of yarn at $3.19 a piece—which means it would be about $30 for the quoted price. She told him to tell me to in for my time too. I should be able to do about 5 days worth of work, 2 hours a day (I’ve got other things to do after all), so $40 shouldn’t be bad. It’s not that complicated, so I’m not going to go too high on the price. I mean, it’s a gift after all…to whoever it is she’s giving it to, for a baby shower on the 25th. I’ve also got to sit down and figure out all the things I have made, find pictures of them (not really all that hard, actually), and make up a 3 ring binder of them. That way I can give it to T so he can show it to others for this eventuality later. If we’re going to turn this into something of a bread winner. Which we might.

We’ve really got to find other avenues to bring in money. More than just his job and my candle biz. And the crocheting. I’d like it if one day we COULD open up our little crochet/candle/book store/coffeeshop/pastry/dessert shop/Italian restaurant/photo studio. The crochet, candle, coffeeshop and dessert place is me and T, the bookstore is me and dad, the restaurant and photo studio is my sister and her husband. It would be nice. It would have to be a big building to hold all of it. Maybe when we win the lottery.

But still. We do. I haven’t found another biz yet that I’d even consider going into. I’ve got to get the info so I can look into the Rotary.

Well, I was up late last night—I went to bed around midnight, read some of my library book, and then tossed and turned for the next 3 hours. Stuff on my mind 😐

Hope I can get some sleep soon, and then hit the ground running in the morning.

I’ve got to remember to give T the price list and my sales book tomorrow, so we’ve got it if it’s ever needed. I hope it will be.

Good night.


One comment

  1. The question, my love, is “Do you have an online price book?” and “Can we order online?”

    Too bad there’s no such thing as a ‘scratch ‘n’ sniff’ monitor.

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