It’s interesting…

How the weekend continues to stretch into the following week. I’ve just discovered why it is I no longer mystery shop. While I’m really great at complaining and I know when I dislike something, and I’m even really good with details—something about it just seems impossible to me. I’ve done my last mystery shop. That’s it. No more.

My house is disheveled. And it’s not even the weekend leaking into the week. It’s last week. I didn’t walk hardly at all except for that one day, maybe one other, and I KNOW I ate too much. The order I once had is gone. The dishes are piling up again, the sink is horrible…at least it’s empty. I don’t leave them in all the time anymore. Of course, with the fact that it’s backing up, it’s silly to leave them all in there.

I’ve got to start dinner. Don’t worry, I’ll start the dishes again too. And picking up the floor.

So, I got the loan. T was a bit surprised—they didn’t fuss at all, they didn’t ask for collateral, nothing. The only time our credit history was really mentioned was when T asked what our credit scores are (both in the low 500’s :-S Mine’s higher right now. How odd.), and she pointed out the bills we have outstanding that have been reported. My comment—“that’s what the candle biz is for!” And if I hadn’t been a knuckle head and written my address wrong when ordering—I would have been able to have the product possibly as early as tomorrow! If you make an order before 2, it usually ships that day. But then, I’m getting the Fast Start Pack, so it might be a bit longer. I’m hoping no later than Thursday or Friday, as I’ve got a WNY_C get-together on Saturday. T’s going to be making a cheesecake.

Seems lately T has been doing more work for me than he might be comfortable with. While I’m not going to go into it in detail—that disagreement we had last week is where I found this out. He’s not a salesman. Not everyone is. But he’s doing a lot of work for me. Bringing in customers. Not just for the candle biz, but with my crocheting too. There’s one lady at work who will be ordering at least 3 baby afghans. Oh, he’s not too crazy about it, especially since he has to go back and forth, with questions and without answers to questions he’s given.

Sometimes stuff like this makes me just want to curl up and cry. I can’t totally explain it, but that’s how I feel 😐


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