Saturday’s Dissatisfaction…

I’m at something of a loss here. I’d really like to be able to stay here, at WordPress, but it turns out there are a lot of features over at Blogger that I like too. As soon as I know about the loan from the credit union, for the Fast Start Pack, I’ll know if I’m able to get the candles, and if I’m able to upgrade my account here so that I can put stuff in the sidebars myself. Something I really enjoy. But it’s $15. So, I’ll have to know if I can get the loan first. I’ll also be putting up a website, mainly for the business, if not all for it. We’ll see my options as soon as I know if I even have the money for them. But I’m praying. 😦 Hard. It worked yesterday. I got moved to…move! 🙂 It helped. Until then, I’m bouncing back and forth.


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