Not a Sunny Saturday

At least, not outside. Inside it’s been better

Hey all! Don’t forget to enter my contest, okay? I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s favorite memories of their mother! You’ve only got 4 more days! If everyone else’s memory is like the ones we’ve already got—we’re going to need a whole pallet of tissues! Wow!

Today’s been another productive day. I did a lot of cleaning, the dishes are actually—-hold on to your hat—DONE! Except for the bowl and spoon next to me (which I’m going to go wash off) and anything that might be in the living room that I didn’t know about. My futon is organized, the boxes at the bottom of the stairs are organized, my CDs have been organized. I made dinner (albeit a bit late), P was in bed and asleep by 11 (considering he didn’t fall asleep until midnight last night, that’s good!), I even wiped down my counter and my cooktop! I’ve got to pick up my living room (D said she was going to, but she’s asleep), and fold some clothes, then I’m hitting the sack until it’s time to get up for church! Socks and the papers here on the desk plus the top of the fridge and maybe the shelves and top of the freezer can happen tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to church tomorrow. D’s got a Girl Scout thing, so I’m going to be going to the 11am service. I had to miss it last week because I did the March for Babies. I haven’t walked nearly that much since Wednesday. My poor toe—it’s doing better. Looking forward to being able to get out and walk again. I think that’s where all of my energy is coming from.

But it’s starting to run out. so I’ve got to go so I can do those clothes and the toys in the living room!

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