Wow, but today has certainly been BUSY! The biggest thing, obviously, is setting up the contest—I can’t stand that it’s going to be so short, but I just thought of it and I really want to have the prizes out by Mother’s Day.

And my evening isn’t over yet, even though here it’s after midnight! I’ve got a few more ideas for Blog Hoppin’ and the contest (though I guess I could do the Blog Hoppin’ tomorrow), and I’ve got more work I’d like to do in the kitchen.

Speaking of which, over the last week I’ve done some really good organizational work on my kitchen. Just this evening I arranged in and around my breadbox (which I don’t actually use for bread, because it seems every time I put bread in a breadbox, it doesn’t get used and turns all moldy. And I even went and got this one special, when I found it I just HAD to have it, it looks so nice. But explain that for me, will ya? I guess it’s just my family [read: hubby] and the way bread is consumed in this house), cleared out my fridge (gotta clean it out too…take out the shelves and wash them down :-S Ewww…), and now I’m working on one of my non-food storage cabinets. It’s got 3 shelves, I’ve already got one cleared out. The top one is for completely non-food things because the ceiling over it has leaked since we moved in. Any time anything is put up there, T has a small freak-out session. The next will have all our meds and vitamins (all over the counter stuff mind you, since NO ONE in this house takes medication daily. Something that with my family medical history always mystifies me. But I better shut up so I don’t jinx myself!), and I’m not sure what. I’m not sure about the last either. Though I get the idea this time it will be cleared out much further than the last few times I have done so. I’m starting to think I do this whole clean and sort out the house every year or so. Does that mean I’ll eventually get us to the point where we have nothing? That idea is both intriguing (at least for me) and perplexing (also, just for me).

And I even got out and did a little grocery shopping. For food items, I think I’ll be shopping at Aldi’s a whole lot more, except for a few select things that they don’t carry (like brown rice and the ground beef with the fat content I like. I actually prefer the 97% fat free to anything else. Makes me feel better for one, it’s definitely Core for another, but I only buy it when it’s nearing the expiration date. I’m picky, I know… And milk. How is it that WalMart’s milk is fresher than even the local dairy’s was??? ). Everything else *sigh* will come from WalMart. That’s so sad, that WalMart just comes in and takes over everything. And that we let them. :-S

I also got other things done, like T’s wash and stuff like that.

I’d better go, though, before I run out of energy, and I’m up too late typing or playing around on here!


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