Fantastic Friday

No, really, it is! I hope you blog hoppers are having a pretty good Friday evening too!!! 🙂 It feels so good to realize, I DON’T have to pick up Penny Savers this evening, and I DON’T have to fold/stuff 200+, and I DON’T have to walk from house to house around my neighborhood delivering them! They are other people’s livelihoods, I understand that—but they’re not mine!!! Not anymore! And it wasn’t really doing much—I really have to let go and let God with the Candle Biz. I’m not moving AT ALL on that, I really should get in on phone calls, etc. 😐 I’m coming to realize the weight loss is what is going to build up my confidence for approaching people to talk to them about the candles! And of course it’s got great health benefits too! The weight loss—earning money from the candle biz, if our income were to come from just that, we’d have to find or be our own HMO.

I’m happy about our current bid to get healthier. We haven’t gone to the track for about 2 days, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried to find a way to keep moving! Today I told T to drop me off at this one Estate Sale, and to go pick up D—it was down one of the streets we walk when we go over to the track at the college—and that I’d start walking back home if he didn’t show up before I was done. Well, he didn’t, so off I went when I was done. I wasn’t able to find anything he’d really like—small, odd electronics, metal bowls with rings on the side (I think the rings are for hooking the bowls to electric mixers)—but I was able to find 4 books by Debbie McComber, who wrote A Good Yarn, a book I really liked centered around a yarn shop. I didn’t find anymore in that series, but the ones I did find look good :-). I’ve got so many books to read, and so little time to read them in! I also found a bit of knitting related items, including a “How to Knit” book that I’m going to be giving to a nurse where my mom is, who she taught to knit and who I’ve been helping with some crocheting terms/techniques/etc.

But I wasn’t planning on telling you about the yard sale finds yet. No, I was going to tell you—I met T at the corner on that street, where we usually turn. I was coming the opposite way from where we come. I had really hoped I’d get to walk further, but I didn’t. There was another bit—oh yes, down the driveway/street of the trailer park. And then a bit of what used to be my route. It felt good not to have to think “I’ve got to drop a Penny Saver here, but not here, and I’ve got to put them here and here and here.” It felt great to just be walking for the plain joy of walking! 😀

Well, I’ve got dinner to go eat, I will be blog hopping myself later!!! 😀

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