Thursday’s Trials

Well, today no one around here is feeling well. I’m hoping I didn’t give us all something with last night’s dinner. If I did, I know what it is. I’m just about the worst afflicted—this is the first time today I’ve felt like having something to eat, before that I wanted either water or ginger ale, which we eventually got. I think a big part of the reason why I feel better right now is because of the acetominophen that I took about an hour ago. I’m thinking I’ll go in and have a peanut butter sandwich or two, then go to bed. Unfortunately I missed calling my best friend Nancy, who I had arranged to call at 7pm. I called and talked to my other best friend, Josh, yesterday. I haven’t heard from my yet other best friend, Christy, for a bit—last I knew she was 4 months pregnant, but that was at least 2 months ago. I emailed her back, but I haven’t heard anything. 😐

The car is doing okay, it definitely needs a tune up. The hazard switch is a bit faulty—since we bought it, when the car gets to below 40 degrees, it’s clicked when not in use. Not steadily, on and off. The guy whose shop fixed the car had the people who did the alignment check it out, and they replaced the switch and a few other things directly related to it, but it’s still clicking. So we took it back to the alignment place, ended up talking right to the owner, and it’s going in on Monday to be looked at again.

Well, enough of my dribble, I’ve got to go now. Take care!


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