After a hiatus….

Hopefully I’m coming back. I almost feel like it. It could be possible. It would probably be more possible if I had gone to bed an hour ago like I was thinking of doing, instead of coming in here and playing a 3 rounds of Tumblebugs 2, and then reading some stuff. Oh well, I read a couple devotionals, one of which brought me to the blog of someone (some people? Hey, the lady in that first picture looks a lot like my Weight Watchers meeting leader. But she’s here in WNY, not out in Kalamazoo [didn’t think I could spell that without looking, did you? But I used to have family that lived there. She and her husband moved to Missouri recently [[hi Sarah]]].) I know I’ve either seen through blog hopping or just other random blogging circles.

I really need to stop and listen to where God is trying to speak in my life. I know He’s been yelling recently. Or I think he is, or something.

I hope this morning is the start of something good. I realized last night that a lot of how everyone else in the house is has to do with how mommy is, so mommy needs to start the change. Which includes going to bed earlier. I guess I missed that tonight. Last night too. I got up earlier than I have. I think I’ve been over sleeping. I I I I I.

My ankle is healing. Slowly. I might have put it back a bit. I actually did some cleaning around here today. I vacuumed. I’ve been working on doing dishes. I cleaned up our bathroom—it nearly shines now. Ha ha. I don’t feel as bad about this apartment as I used to. I hope to start feeling better.

It looks like the car will be back in our possession next Tuesday. It’s got an appointment for an alignment Tuesday morning. Otherwise it’s nearly all fixed. I miss that Grand Am. We’ve got a couple things we have to send out, but things will get all figured out soon enough 🙂

Mom had her left knee replaced on Tuesday, again. Today’s the first day I talked to her. She sounded and feels miserable. But at least she’s not as loopy as maybe she was yesterday or the day before. I just can’t handle her really out of it and hallucinating. It scares me too much. I’ve been praying for her the whole time, and talked to her last week about not coming to visit her, hopefully she’ll be good enough we can go see her again soon. Maybe not after church on Sunday, but soon.

After this week, only 2 more weeks of doing the Penny Savers. I can’t wait. Help me let go and let God with the candle biz, will ya??? I can’t tell you how much I LOVE ALL THE PRODUCTS! My fave is the Bella Buns! MMM…looks and smells like a real cinnamon bun! Oh, but unfortunately T and D have been doing all the work 😦 P and I follow in the car. 😐

Now, to bed. I just want to know why last Friday’s the last day I received a devotion in my email? 😐

To sleep…perchance to have a good dream tonight!

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