Update as well….

….okay, well, I’m not completely well yet, but I’m getting there. My cold is slowly going, but P has it and oh boy so does D. T has yet to. I don’t know what I’m going to do about the Penny Saver route…hopefully this weekend she doesn’t feel as bad as she does now, but I had to have her deliver them this week, even though we had to do it today—I felt stomped on and couldn’t stuff them on Saturday, or Sunday—we didn’t even go to church—or even really Monday. Yeah, I didn’t even put them together until Tuesday. Lame, I know…but I’m sure people can live with them being late for 3 weeks, then they can have whatever other screw up decided to pick up the job. I’m thinking they’ll get my letter tomorrow. I wonder if he’ll call or just leave a note with my papers? I’ll learn on Friday night.

My ankle is better. I’m not going to go for a 3 day hike yet, but it’s not simply in sit on the couch ALL THE TIME with an ice pack on it the whole time, swelled 3 times it’s size condition anymore either. Okay, it was never that bad, but still. I’ve got another appointment with my general practitioner next month, and I’ve got the sheet for the bloodwork. There seems to be a question about my blood pressure, which could explain my ups and downs (though I’ve not yet researched it enough to say that), and I’m determined to keep losing weight. I’m not going to end up like my mom. I refuse to. And I think my doctor will understand that, in part because he’s had her as a patient before. And it’s best to attack all this health stuff and heredity now. Rather than clean up the results later.

And there’s only one way I’m going to get the strength. The same place I have all day—I can’t even tell you how many times I asked just for strength to do one simple thing of housework. And I did a few even. Not a lot, but some at least.

Take care. 🙂

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