I was always an advocate, and YOU didn’t know it…


This is a very interesting article. I didn’t use a midwife myself (I had no idea where one was when I had P, and I was still a bit naive as to the ways of the world when I had D), but I totally support those who do. I consider myself a feminist, and have strengthened my resolve as to the truth of the existence of a paternal structure that works behind the scenes (as in not every guy out there is actively trying to put women down. Some feed into it unconsciously, some just don’t really realize how deep it goes) to subjigate women. Wow, harsh much?

Still, I’ve said it a million times. And as I pick this book up, I realize how much it applies to my life, more than I ever expected it to when I decided I would once again read it…a lot of this is chronicled in For Her Own Good by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English. I’m reading the first edition, the original publication, but I read the second edition, the updated version from 2005, just after I had first had P. I’d love to read that one again, even own it, but it’s not on PaperBackSwap.com yet.

Now that I read it, I question whether or not this is part of my problem. I can’t really explain it right now…I guess I have to let the thought gel, or you’ll have to read the book. Or I’ll have to read it. 😐


  1. I have said this before, but perhaps it bears repeating .. I wonder what attitudes would be like if ALL men knew that at one time, when they were deep in their mother’s womb, they were, in fact, female. We all start out as females. All of us. We are all sisters.

  2. Oh thank you—a GUY who has noticed that bit too!!! LOL!

    Yes, we are all sisters. Sometimes T can be SUCH A CHICK! (And there was a time I swore that every time I turned around, I heard my mom’s mind coming out of HIS mouth!)

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