Wintery Weekend.

Wow, I totally meant to come on here and go Blog Hoppin’ after I got P to bed, but I ended up falling asleep (not a bad thing, since I have no choice but to cosleep right now), and didn’t get up until the alarm clock started going off this morning. It went off first when D usually gets up for school, because that alarm never got turned off, then I woke up at 8:30, the other time it’s set for, then 9, when the clock on the stereo in the living room is set to go off. I’ve been puttering around here since, cleaning, vacuuming, etc. Something I thought was really cool, before I emptied the cup so I could start vacuuming. Because of the things picked up during the last vacuuming session, it had a nice striation to it:

Okay, even with a good amount of enhancement with Paint Shop Pro, you still can’t really see how cool it looked—but it did look pretty cool. It had a layer of dirt (you would not believe what this carpet attracts, and thus what I get out of it!) and such, then a layer of coffee grounds (thanks to P…which reminds me, I’m going to have to make up a pot of coffee), then more dirt, etc. I thought it looked pretty cool. 🙂

Here in a bit (after a large break there…I had some things to do and taking this out of the dryer and finishing the pillow was just a small part), I’m going to be delivering this beauty:

This is my mom’s roommate’s (very) belated Christmas gift. It was both fun and hell to make. But Goodness, isn’t it gorgeous?

Well, I better get a move on if I want to be to see my mom and back by the time it’s time to get T up to go to work! I’ve also got dinner to make—I’m thinking home baked Chicken Fingers, I seem to remember there being a recipe on the Weight Watchers site somewhere! 😐

Take care!


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