Hello Fellow Blog Hoppers!

Welcome to any and all Blog Hoppers! Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy your stay—take a look around, I’ve got a Friday’s Feast for this week, a Thursday Thirteen that you will probably identify with, and just general blather about my life.

So, to commence with the blather….

It’s nice and cold and snowy today. Well, actually, it’s not as cold as it has been as of late. This evening it’s actually a bit warm. My Weather Bug here on the Netscape Navigator says 29.8 degrees. Wow, that’s warm. Considering we’ve had negative wind chills off and on, and it was downright frigid yesterday. Good thing it wasn’t so bad inside 😉 T and I have managed to keep each other warm as of late 😀 But all this snow makes for a rough drive. Our driveway/parking lot is difficult to navigate, especially with the mix of below freezing temperature snow and the new layer of near freezing temperature snow. My Goodness, as I typed, T got stuck in the driveway, leaving to go to work! No kidding! That makes the second time in an hour—I got stuck going up the driveway of the church that my daughter’s Girl Scout troop meets at, to pick her up! :-\ Man, I hope it starts to get better, I’ve got Penny Savers this weekend (just like every weekend, even though now I want to get out of it!), and I’m heading over to drop something off with my mom’s roommate tomorrow.

Oh, that’s a bit of good news. Check back, here and at my crochet blog (sorely in need of an update). I’ve finished Rosa’s afghan. I think it looks just BEAUTIFUL. It’s in the washer now, I really should switch it over to the dryer! It’s going to be heavy, all wet and everything….good thing I have to only take it about 10 feet! I will CERTAINLY post pictures once it’s all dry. I’m not sure if I’m going to have the matching pillow done this evening, or even this weekend, but I will have it done soon. I’ve just got the back to finish, the join it around the edge, stuff it, close it and secure it with another row around.

I’ve sorta started my bookmark flush. There are already some links up on my del.icio.us account. Take a look at the Tag roll up on my sidebar. You might even find yourself! LOL!

D’s latest big thing she keeps harping on that she learned at school—the fact that rusting on a metallic object is a slow fire. She just came in here with some Allen wrench set that T’s got talking about how it’s hot but oh the fire is so slow it’s like a snail. Silly girl.

Well, once I get P to bed, I will be back here and do a bit of Blog Hoppin’ myself! 🙂


  1. Happy Friday Night Blog hopping!
    You must live in my neck of the woods..ha! I think today was actually the first day in a while it got over 30 degrees….stay warm and watch that driveway.

    Bloghopping Dixie!

  2. Love your site!! I am addicted to my psp too. What is your favorite game? I love Work Time Fun and Super Collaspe 3

    blog hopping on by…….

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