Saner (?) Saturday

I always have to thank those that comment to my blog. It lets me know my contribution to the blog world doesn’t go completely unnoticed! And I try to spread the love 🙂

I didn’t go to bed until 3 am last night, because that rant took me so long. I plan on getting to bed very shortly here, and I’m going to have to kick my 11 year old to bed as well. I’ve got a whole week with her thanks to Winter Break, oh joy. She’s not going to be home absolutely every day, though, thank goodness—one of those days she’s going to go to a friend’s house, possibly over night (it would have been last night, only the kids had their dentist appointment, and she had Girl Scouts—which would have been just fine, since her friend could go with to visit, and I could let the troop leader know, etc), and another she is going to be going to a field trip for Girl Scouts. Another she’ll probably go and spend the afternoon with my mom, either Tuesday or Thursday since those are the days mom doesn’t have dialysis.

I’ve had some pauses in the last week, looking at my darling girl. Oh my, when did she turn into a little grown up? Sure, she’s no where near there yet, but she’s so not my little girl anymore. I was watching her while she was sitting in the audience, with the rest of the Concert Band at their concert on Wednesday, and I realized—hey, she’s a SEPARATE PERSON ALL TO HERSELF. With people in her life, experiences I’ll never know. Or variations of the same experiences I had myself, sometimes in the very same halls (since she is going to the school I went to until I was in 8th grade). I don’t think she’s nearly as boy crazy as I was at her age—oh gees, I had a crush on a different boy every month, it nearly seems like, from the time I was in KINDERGARTEN (no kidding, I can tell you who, because he was a friend’s boyfriend in 6th grade and the valedictorian for that school the year I graduated) to the day I graduated. Actually, until about my senior year—I was stuck on one I guy I thought really was love at the time that whole year. I don’t know exactly what’s up with him right now, but I guess he’s not doing too bad, ya know? I mean, with her…we’ve asked if there’s a guy she likes, and she keeps saying no, they’re all ucky and none of them are nice to her, so she doesn’t see the point (woo hoo—mommy’s saying all boys are yucky is working, as is her brain, it’s good to know! I always liked the ones who were nice to me, or just plain shy). The only boy’s name written on her jeans (something I used to do too, though I didn’t always write the name of the guy I liked there) is her brother’s name (it’s not a super easy name to remember how to spell). I don’t see any boys names on her books or anything. So I think we’re safe for a bit yet with boys. She does say she likes to bug the ones who pick on her or don’t like her, just to see them run. Silly girl.

I managed to get a few things done around here—some more dishes (not much, oh well), dinner in our bellies, a bath for the little guy, some clothes washed, even some towels. I so miss being up to par. I’m not all the way there, not at all good enough for me. I’m looking forward to getting the bills taken care of that are blocking my way for doctors.

But maybe it’s just SAD. It might be nice if it were as easy to explain as that. 😐

Oh yeah, I’ve got one other thing I’m happy about. I’m READING SOMETHING. I haven’t felt like doing much reading lately, but I think from now on I’ll just drag a book with me wherever I go. I have several to choose from thanks to Right now I’m working on The Nine Month Plan by Wendy Markham. She’s actually a local author, named Wendy Corsi Staub. And she’s got a personal connection to my family—she’s friends with my sister, who contacted her after reading some of her books I guess. And I guess her dad used to work the same place my dad did (maybe). Anyhow, my sister is mentioned in her thank you notes in her book based in Lily Dale. Because we graduated from CVCS, and my sister’s best friend lived there in Lily Dale, my sister was able to help her with some things. What I don’t know, but that’s neither here or there—it’s got everything to do with the writing craft, and I’m sure one day I might need the same help from someone. I have talked to her before, and I will again when I need help breaking into the writing world. I’ve got stories and such brewing, I’ve really got to eventually get on them.

It’s a great book. I started just last night—I’m already 172 pages in. That either says how fast I read, or how good of a read this is, or both, or something. I like to read, I just don’t put as much time in it as I really should. I can devour a book if I really want to. And if I just stay away from the tv. Which I sorta have in the last few days.

Anyhow, church in the morning. I wonder how the tithe sermon will continue this week. And how we’d get the recordings of the sermons we request. Hm.


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