My Friday.

Finish dishes – nearly there
Finish clothes – not quite
Make cake – done
Make chili (dad’s bd dinner) – done

The frosting came out pretty good. It was more like regular frosting than a candy bar, really, but it was still pretty good. It tasted good at least, LOL! And the chili was pretty good too. It had a bit of a kick to it…it was a bit too much for mom, but I really barely noticed it. I guess I must have scarfed it down :-S

There’s a load in the washer, and one in the dryer. Actually, the load in the washer is some of D’s stuff, so I guess I’ve got them mostly done then, just need to fold. And do T’s clothes. And I’ve got maybe 1 more sink worth of dishes to do. Maybe 2. Not bad. I’m pretty happy with the state of the floor too. And I really do plan to get to bed soon. I’ve got to set myself back on track with sleep 😦

I wanted to blog about several important things today. Like the Clinton Obama debate last night. You know, T’s said for a while that he thought the two of them would be a really strong ticket. I’d love to see that, no matter which one got the nod from the Democrats. And I’m thinking seriously about making it a point of fact that I’m a Democrat. I would never think of voting for a republican, and most of my political view points are definitely liberal leaning—when the decision comes to decisions about things in my life, then I’m conservative, but I feel people need to learn for themselves, no matter what I think a decision should be. I believe in gentle coercion, not force. Praying and maybe friendly suggestion, not stating that something needs to be so. I believe in leading with my life, not with my mouth. I don’t think I always follow that, but I believe that’s the best path. I really wish I could live up to my own expectations, no matter how low I put them, sometimes it still doesn’t quite seem good enough. 😦

Well, gotta get some water then knit then go to bed!

Hope your weekend goes well, I will be doing some blog hoppin’ tomorrow night hopefully! 🙂

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