Friday’s Feast #7

What is your favorite kind of cereal?

Cheerios. Really.

#2 (especially since it’s a CORE food) – Shredded Wheat. The Bite Size ones.

When was the last time you purchased something for your home, what was it, and in which room did it go?

Our “new to us” couch. We picked it up at Salvation Army. It has a matching love seat, but we didn’t have the money to get it in time, and when we went with money to look yesterday, it was already gone. Not including tax the couch was $69.99, and the love seat was $39.99. Like I said, though, we didn’t get the love seat 😦 It would have been nice to have something that matched for once though.

What is the funniest commercial you’ve ever seen?

I hate to say this, but I can’t answer this. I’m sure there are a lot that have tickled my funny bone—but lately so many seem absolutely silly. I can’t tell you how many times T and I have looked at each other and one of us has said that what we just watched was a horrible commercial. 😐

Main Course
Make up a name for a company by using a spice and an animal (example: Cinnamon Monkey).

Cayenne Giraffe. I don’t know what they sell. The question doesn’t ask for that.

Fill in the blank: I haven’t ______ since ______.

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since sometime in July or early August of 2004. First there was mom’s surgery, and dealing with all the garbage from that. Then starting up my last semester of college and THEN getting pregnant with P in September 04. When I got pregnant, one of my first signs was that I was just so tired all the time. So, I haven’t slept by myself since then (which a husband who works nights, I slept by myself most of the time, which I was just fine with).

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Have a good day 🙂

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