The end of Thursday

Looks like I’m not doing all of the memes this week. I’ll do Friday’s Feast tomorrow, for sure 🙂 But today just got away from me I guess. :-\ These things happen. It kinds sucks, though, because doing the 10 on Tuesday as a Thursday Thirteen would have made odd sense this week. We did our taxes yesterday, at H & R Block, and got the RAL 1-2 day loan, and got the money this morning. So, he’s got his cut and I’ve got mine. Mine goes to a new apartment, his to plane tickets to go out to Colorado in August. His mom has a travel site now. He’s looked for them through there. Not that I want to really go out to Colorado (and I did tell him as much), but his brother asked if we were, and told me to talk to him about it…I guess it came a challenge or a call from his older brother for us to come out there. 😕 Men.

Tomorrow’s my dad’s birthday. I get to make him his birthday dinner and his cake, since mom of course can’t at the moment. Which means he will come over here tomorrow evening, and I’m going to make her special frosting. For my first time. I hope it comes out right—but I was talking to her this afternoon, and sometimes it didn’t even turn out that best when she made it either, so I can’t feel bad if I do it wrong….dad calls it mom’s Candy Bar Frosting because when done just right it will set up so hard that it will hold the shape of the cake if you were to remove just the cake. No, I won’t post a recipe. So I told mom that if I have enough trouble with it, he might just get a great big glob of chocolate on top of the cake. 😐 I hope it will go right, I really am looking forward to this! 😀

I will go relax some, and then go to bed myself! I was up late last night (until about 2), so I need to get to bed soon.

Just to update…uh…myself, here’s an overview of my list…

Dishes (there’s not many left) – did a sinkful, hope to finish the rest tomorrow
Clothes – in the washer, the load in the dryer will be removed tomorrow, folded, and the one in the washer will be put in the dryer then folded.
Dinner – done – yum!
Pick up clutter on floor – done so the floor could get vacced.
Vac – got D to do it

Looks good. So tomorrow:

Finish dishes
Finish clothes
Make cake
Make chili (dad’s bd dinner)

Not a bad list. Now to relax. 🙂

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