Thursday’s Pace…


Why is it that any time I spend a good portion of the day outside of the house, that I don’t have an easy time of getting things started when I get home? Well, at least on any day other than a MOPS meeting day? It may not help that I didn’t get to bed until 2 last night (AGAIN, UGH!), or that I bumped my head on the bottom corner of a CD rack that we mounted to the wall after P was born—right on the forehead, and it hurts—always when I poke at it (it’s like a tooth with a toothache), and often when I’m not poking at it. It’s interesting to feel, because I have this little bump at the spot where the very corner connected, and a bit of a line where the rest of the portion that connected…uh…connected. It makes me wonder how much P’s head must hurt each time he bumps it, and makes me even more afraid of all the damage that could be done, not to mention more afraid of him hurting himself again. 😦 He’s my baby!!!

I’ve been thinking about restructuring, reformatting and redecorating around the blog. It looks so plain and dull sometimes. I mean, sure I want the focus to be the content and not the context, but it’s got to look nice too, right? I’ve done a lot of stuff around here—I write my own html for the content in the sidebar (one place I need to clean up), and I’ve put in the pictures for the header myself. I figured out how to put the picture the header was created from up as the header on my Blog365 profile page. Go me—I did that a while ago, but still. I’m going to go through my bookmark folders too. What I decide is going to stay there will end up in my links sections. I’d love a pull down menu so visitors can visit my favorites, instead of having to scroll down forever to find the site they want to look at. Okay, they’ll have to anyhow, but that’s not the point. I’m going to make my site look pretty, that’s all.

Got any good, decently priced options/advice?

I’ve even got dinner planned. It’s getting late in the evening now (6pm), so it’s good it’s a quick dinner—taco salad. D’s been asking for it off and on.

I’m going to make up a list to make myself accountable:

Dishes (there’s not many left)
Pick up clutter on floor

That’s it for now. Back later.

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