Blog Hoppin’ – My very FIRST WEEK!!! Woo hoo!!!

So I sit here as one of the (I’m sure few non-alcoholic drink totting) members of a cool new groups out, called the Weekend Blog Hoppers. I found it last night while voting for the Bloggies on behalf of Sarcastic Mom, who if you don’t know is one of my absolute FAVORITE bloggers!!! 😀 Of course, I didn’t find it by way of her blog…it was someone else, that I know I must have voted for, really funny…anyhow, I hate to be such a meanie, but I’m not interested in searching through my bookmark folders at the moment (though I do intend to soon, and do some serious cleanup around the blog’s sidebar….streamline it, what not), so I’ll let you know when I find her in the kneedeep pile of bookmarks for EVERY CATEGORY I HAVE. For blogs alone I must have 10 different categories—Mom Blogs, Guys Blogs, Informational Blogs, Food Blogs, Blog Tools.

So you ask why it is that I decided I just HAAAAAAAAAAAD TO join this wandering group of drunken fools happy little band of merrimakers? When I have at least 2 memes I do on Fridays (I’m also signed up for 55 Flash Fiction, though I haven’t posted yet 😦 And I really badgered him too!), AND I’ve recently discovered that I HAVE to get to bed by 11, 11:30 at the latest? And now I’m sitting here with yet another Large Triple Triple from Tim Horton’s?

Because I’ve come to realize—really known since I started blogging seriously—that, frankly, I’m just a…..


Now, yes, I’ve become a born again Christian. Yes, I should get to bed tonight before I have as hard of time as I did last night getting to sleep. Yes, a shower would feel GREAT right about now. But you know, God gives us a sky that often has many colors. And even a Christian needs to have fun. Which would you rather have, me neglecting my babies while cruising the bars, or me keeping an ear out for what’s up with them while surfing the web?

And watching those comments add up


Besides, this goes on on Saturday nights too!!! So everyone I don’t visit tonight (most of them), I’ll visit tomorrow!!! Feel good, you’ll see me soon!!!


  1. Aw, you love me! Come here so I can kiss yer face. 🙂

    This Blog Hoppin really is fun! BusyDad had a great idea. 🙂

    And don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s sober. Me too! 🙂

  2. Woot! I’m number one! I’m number one! And I also have a glass of red wine, chocolates and ice cream… can blog surfing get any better? Glad to find your Realm!

    Blog Hopper

  3. Welcome to the Weekend BlogHoppers! From what I hear we parents can catch up on sleep when the kids go to college. :beer:

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