After several trials and tribulations, both that did and didn’t include the little guy, I’m finally on the computer! I came in here to get on the computer when T (FINALLY) went to bed, and it wasn’t connected to the internet. Not even the cord. I found it, thought I had it plugged in right—nope, still nothing. Then I figured maybe it just needed to be restarted….tried that, it wouldn’t even start. I figured I’d just wait until T got up—since he and P were sleeping, and I wanted to clean the wash room some, so I did. P got up, I did some dishes, we had lunch, he needed his little butt changed, and in the process got his pants dirty by sitting in his lunch (totally by accident, he had been sitting on the floor in front of me eating it, and got up on the couch next to me, fell off—gently, with me catching him as best I could. At least he didn’t go head first. And landed in the bowl. So, everything came off. Nakkid baby running around. Jumping on the bed where his daddy slept, waking him up. I sorta mentioned something about the computer, but told him he didn’t have to wake up and help me, I was fine with him sleeping until the time he had asked to get woke up so he could work on P’s godfather’s laptop. But I told him the problem and he told me how to fix it, and here I am. Lucky you.

Other things I want to do today:

more dishes
Fold clothes in dryer
wash more clothes
Review and pay bills
Make dinner list
make up grocery list
Go grocery shopping

Oh, that’s good and doable. I’ll report more later. We haven’t had any more snow, so there’s no reason to go out and shovel today. Dang, and I wanted to, too! Crazy, huh? BTW, let’s have some fun and go over my list for yesterday:

Come up with a Thursday 13 post – done
Finish voting for the Weblog Awards – done @ nearly midnight, which kept me up until then (didn’t help that with T sleeping until 8, and dinner not ready until then, I didn’t get P into the bedroom for bed until after 9, and he didn’t fall asleep until nearly 10:30), and I’m now anxiously waiting to see if I’ve been accepted into The Weekend Bloghoppers. I wouldn’t barhop if I were single (well, not much anyhow), but it still looks like fun!
Dishes – some, not all
Clothes – T’s are NOW all done, I’ve got mine and P’s going thru the process now
Pick up garbage – some, I have to put garbage bags on my list
Make a grocery list (including garbage bags) – going to do soon
Figure out dinner tonight and dinner list – at least dinner, and I did Spanish Chicken and Rice from Weight Watchers. That was lunch today too.
Pay bills that need it – will do in minutes!
Spend time with kids – while D may not believe it, I did this even with her
Crochet or knit something 🙂 – wow, one thing I didn’t do yesterday that I wanted to. But I did some today, so I’m good 🙂

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