Big duh, dippy dippy!

Well I’ve figured out part of what will make me feel better….

Getting a good night’s sleep. I feel TOTALLY on my game. And I didn’t need any sleeping pills or anything (we know those can be deadly—oh, see, here I’m making a cultural reference [see my “Say it isn’t so” post on Tuesday], see how with it I am?), I just needed to hit the pillow before 11pm, and fall asleep before 11:30. I really need to do this more often, I feel great. And the cup of coffee has little to do with it—I was rather awake before that, the coffee’s just a recreational treat. Hmm…I’m doing stuff recreationally. Not good. But now I’m thinking about all the things I need to get done….

clothes—hey, I’ve already got 2 loads in—one’s in the dryer now, and needs to be taken out, the other’s in the washer and needs to be put in, and there’s also the load that I folded, so I guess that’s actually 3 I’ve dealt with.

I’m going to be putting the little guy down for a nap shortly, and then we’ll see where we go. I have to soon, because it’s almost 1 and he sleeps really well the earlier I get him down. Yesterday it didn’t help, because we got real comfortable after he fell asleep, so I sorta dislodged him when I got up—almost had the same when he went down for bed, but somehow he managed to stay, after some shushing and D telling me to leave him alone. Sometimes mommy just needs to remember that. Anyhow, he’s going down a lot easier because he is staying rather busy and even though the tv’s on even now, he’s not WATCHING it. Neither am I, I’m barely listening to it. But I should change the channel, not sure what to because DIY isn’t doing their usual line up (at least yesterday they didn’t—I like Knitty Gritty and Uncommon Threads), so I might change it to the Christian Music station.

Anyhow, I’ve got other things I’d like to do, and it looks like I might actually get them done. Here’s my complete list:

Come up with a Thursday 13 post
Finish voting for the Weblog Awards
Pick up garbage
Make a grocery list (including garbage bags)
Figure out dinner tonight and dinner list (will probably do Spanish Chicken and Rice)
Pay bills that need it (might move the electric bill to next month [it’s really small], and pay just the car insurance, phone bill with the local phone company who is no longer our provider but I have to pay it so it doesn’t hit our credit report, and the kid’s dentist so they can have their dentist appointment next month. Or when the office calls with a cancellation again. Gotta get the kids to brush their teeth more often again.)
Spend time with kids
Crochet or knit something 🙂

I’ve got to alternate my computer time with my housework time. Right now I have to answer the call of the coffee going through me! :-S

P.S. Go vote for my friend, Lotus on Sarcastic Mom—she’s sweet and so awesome, and I’m voting for her!!! She’s up for Best New Blog, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom!

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