10 on Tuesday #6

10 on Tuesday: 10 Things That Were Better “Way Back When”

Tell me what things WEREN’T better “Way Back When”—back before we had responsiblites, before we had kids, before we had ages in the double digits…it was all better back then, because we were still kids…. (P.S. Way Back When=the 80’s and 90’s)

1. And being kids way back when was better. We had no idea there were molesters (even though there were and many people knew it very well. I wasn’t one, but it breaks my heart to know there ever were), or that people were killed because of the sick twisted appetites of others, or that the world was going to start collapsing on us.

2. Because tv was better then. Do you remember “The Brady Bunch”? Okay, bad example, I was never a fan—but how about Saved By The Bell? You know, I happened to watch a movie this weekend with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, where he played a really bad guy—sort of a subtle one. Like those molesters we didn’t know anything about back in #1. Back before Screech thought it was funny and cool to make a porn video. I mean, did you SEE him on Celebrity Weight Loss? What an A$$!!! I could not believe it was him—either of them, Screech on that Celebrity Weight Loss show, and Zach in that movie. Part of me was like “that’s sweet and innocent Screech!” And “Wow, it’s hottie sweet and innocent Zach. What Happened?!?!?!?”

3. Movies were better. And many of the ideas were still original. They’re starting to do remakes of many movies in the 80’s and 90’s. Like they’re classics!?!?!?!?! I’m NOT that old yet!!! And the “original” idea of Romeo And Juliet, with Claire Daines and Leonardo! :-S

4. Music….oh baby. Back when the members of Warrant were still young? I saw Janie Lane on that Celebrity Weight Loss show a few seasons ago (you understand, I don’t watch that religiously like Biggest Loser, but still…I’ve noticed these things!). When the Crue was still together—and they hadn’t all washed out or near death from all the drugs they were shooting themselves up with. And when Garth Brooks was just starting out….Man, the memories!!! 😛 Oh, and P.S.—I’m not 40 yet, how is my music then CLASSIC?????

5. Movie stars. When all the good ones—Vincent D’Onofrio, Leonardo, Tom Cruise (back when he didn’t turn my stomach), Tom Hanks—when they were young and fresh, and some were just at the start of their game, if not in the best of it! And the Coreys…back when I could still lust after them! :-S

6. Money. It went further. My mom might have complained, but her dollar went further, for the house, car, utilities and groceries. Now we all have to choose. And back then THEY worried about it, not ME.

7. Weather. Back then, when it was supposed to snow, it snowed. When it was the season for rain, it rained. When it was time to be warm and comfortable, it was warm and comfortable. None of this getting warm at the beginning of January. What’s WITH that??? I’m so happy it’s snowing again. Even though I get stressed when we slip and slide, but at least it’s the weather the calendar says we’re supposed to have!

8. Food. Food’s great now, and I like trying and making new and different things, but it just doesn’t taste like it should anymore. And I didn’t have to make it.

9. Household chores. It seems it was always so much easier to do them back then. I guess it’s because I have less cooperation than my mom ever had. Lucky her.

10. Weight monitoring. I got my butt out of the house—every day. What happened? I don’t know, but I don’t feel great about my weight this week. I’m not even going to tonight’s meeting! I’ll find one tomorrow…I think I already have one :-S

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I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to next week’s list—10 thing you’d do with a million $’s! What an awesome song—If I Had A Million Dollars…by Barenaked Ladies! 😀



  1. Hi, thanks for visiting and it’s really funny how our lists are similar, especially since we’re talking about 2 different generations…

    I remember being shocked when my music moved to the “classic” category when I was about 40 although it also had a nice sound to it, like a classic car–the Mustang or the cool Chevys.

    Recently I realized that the music I loved in the 60s must seem ancient to kids today the way 40s music seemed ancient to me back then.

    So the more things change, the more they stay the same, right–except the weather, lol.

  2. Great list! Oh, I so remember Warrant! Not long ago, I enjoyed searching through You Tube for videos of their music! LOL! They rocked!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    And I totally know what you mean about Saved by the Bell! I LOVED that show, watched it almost religiously…

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