Finally Friday.

And I feel pretty good! 🙂 I didn’t get to sleep as quickly as I wanted to, since after I got done with yesterday’s post we still had to wait a bit for pizza and wings (it’s been a LONG time since we had that, T was wanting some, so we just had some :-|), and I couldn’t get P down until after that….so he was still up at 10. I’m working so hard on getting him down at a decent hour (8 or so), but this is just a little bump in the road 🙂 It’s okay, tonight WILL be better!!!

Hmm…since I sat down and my daughter has come home, I’ve started feeling low again. I should get up soon and start cleaning soon, or else I’ll lose the hope I had when I left the room after putting P down for his nap.

Well, after I finish the letter I’m writing to one of my new pen pals (long hand—love to do it that way :-)), and I fill out a Friday’s Feast, then I will get to cleaning around here, because I’ve gotten myself back to the state where I want to do it. Just by thinking. Wow, I must be feeling better if I can do all that—multitask, and not feel bad for long because I force myself not to. Sometimes it doesn’t always work!

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