Ending Thursday on a GOOD note

There are some lower points, but I’d have to say that my day has ended decently. I did some grocery shopping, and spend nearly all I had left (it’s amazing I didn’t pass out at the register, but that’s in part because there IS some money held aside still, enough that I can do what I want for the offering at church, and also there seems to be a nearly $80 difference between when my checkbook says is out and what the computer [when I try to balance my checkbook and keep it in line with the bank, using my online access to my account] says is in the bank—in my FAVOR mind you. If it wasn’t, then the money would NOT have been spent. I mean, can my math be THAT bad??? I don’t know what it is…:-S I know what you’re going to say—but it’s a GOOD thing, right? I’m not going to use it though! Or I’m going to try not to—oh well, Feb’s a 5 paycheck month—in that there are 5 Thursdays this month, and that’s the day the money hits the bank account each week, so that’s when I consider payday. Most of the time there’s also 5 Wednesdays and sometimes 5 Fridays 🙂 But Thursdays are my money days, and that’s all that matters!!!—anyhow, so I won’t have to worry too much about the other bill I was going to pay this week, because I can do it next week or the week after. 🙂 Yes, I have a rough outline of when things will be paid! My math must really be bad, when I do the subtraction in my head!).

I finished clearing off the futon, now the only things on it are the bag of garbage, the basket of towels, etc, that I need to fold (dishes and clothes are my big thing tomorrow, which will be good because I’m working on being on my feet as much as I possibly can while P’s up and getting into everything), the quilt (made by my husband’s step mom) and the blankets and pillows I normally keep there. I’m nearly done putting away everything that’s just sitting on top of my craft boxes in the corner, I’ve gone through the drawer sitting here that was the paper stuff in the box that had been on the futon, I’ve put my 2 (yes 2) empty boxes at the bottom of the stairs—on top of everything, and I’m just a bit worried about everything falling, but another trip upstairs to put things away is in order. Just gotta find a way to do it that I don’t have to worry about the possible heart attack I’ll get worrying about P following me up. Yesterday was NOT happy for me because of that, and T disagreeing with me on not wanting him up. I’m sorry, but that sort of thing just scares the DICKENS out of me—my worst fear is my babies falling and hurting themselves from a high spot. And I wanted a boy this time 😐

I figured out while making my dinner and grocery lists that I’m SICK OF TOMATO BASED MEALS. I’m going to have to scour my foodie blogs to see what I can come up with for different ideas. Got any suggestions? Hmm….to bring more attention to my blog, I think I might come up with a contest for that. I think I know a few people who might go and help me promote it! 🙂 Second runner up for sick of meals is pasta, but that’s actually good. Sometimes you can have pasta without red sauce! I love making this meal I had on our date for our 11th anniversary—it had penne, tomatoes (but not a red sauce), onions, olive oil and parmesan cheese. I omit the tomatoes most of the time I make it (as I don’t often have fresh ones, and I tend to prefer grape or cherry tomatoes, when I do), but I like it a lot, especially the onions. I LOVE onions!!! I don’t much like some kinds cooked, but I’d have sauted onions sauted in onions, with a side of sauted onions, but hold the onion juice, LOL!

P went down fairly easily tonight—little fuss, little disagreement. Wow, I am just LOVING watching this little guy grow. Even the times when I’m wanting to pull my hair out (maybe something a little less self-mutilation related, but I’d never) and/or cry because he’s just being himself into EVERYTHING. Such a typical little boy. I think he’s feeling better, getting over his cold, because he’s so much back into himself again—you know, Hurricane P. 🙂 My baby boy….

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