Thursday Thirteen – 6th edition – A Personal Look Back

Thirteen Things I’d Write in a Letter To Me

Prompted in part by Brad Paisley's "Letter To Me" Definitive Age Ranges Included!

1. 11 - 18 - Forget about boys and study hard! "The one" will come, and SOON - none of the rest are really worth it!

2. 11 - 18 - Until Further Notice - Mom and Dad are ALWAYS RIGHT!

3. 11 - 18 (-Forever) - Always Brush your teeth!

4. 12 - Take Spanish, not French. You never use it like you think you will, and Spanish makes more sense---in all of the United States!!

5. 13 & 18 - Never lose your faith in God and Jesus. No Matter What ANYONE says! NO ONE! YOUR faith and true faith have NOTHING to do with other people's failures or fallacies. That's just between YOU and GOD!

6. 16 - Short and Sweet - January. Look DOWN when you walk. It will always be there otherwise!

7. 17 - Forget about Ju (our fave Taurus friend if you need more of a hint). You can talk to AJ again, but Ju has already proved herself untrustworthy (remember 8th grade and Sean?), but being friends again doesn't end well, trust me! I'll remind you again later.

8. 17 - Adam's NOT WORTH IT. Reference #1.

9. 20 - 23 - Only YOU define your LABEL. Maybe you can give others something to think about!

10. 20 - Forever - Again, BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

11. 20 - NEVER and I do mean


take Depo Provera. This doesn’t end well either. You can LEARN to remember to take a pill every day. Anyhow, baby #2 isn’t *supposed* to come for 9 years!

12. 22/23 – Again, forget about Ju. It WON’T END WELL. Just say “hi, how ya doin'” and “Bye!”

13. 26 – For once mom’s REALLY wrong. Think FRIDGE!

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  1. I like that song and what a really fab idea for a TT! Good job. I love the brush your teeth reminder. I wish I could write myself and letter and GET IT in time!

  2. I didn’t understand all of it, obviously, but it was very fun to read anyway, and a great idea for a T13.

    And about the brushing teeth? Yes, yes and YES.

  3. What a brilliant idea, to write this sort of letter to yourself. That rocks, Allison!

    Happy TT; I’m glad you stopped by.

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